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How KZN Aquatics will be Supporting our Districts, Clubs and Learn To Swim Schools during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Message From the KZNA Executive Council & Staff

Dear Aquatics family, Warm greetings from the entire KZNA staff and Executive Council. By now you will have entered your first few days of lockdown in South Africa - well done to you for staying indoors! We hope you are taking care of yourselves and are staying safe whilst adapting to the remote working conditions.  

Welcome to our weekly #lockdown and beyond Bulletin! So many of us in the Sports sector and indeed in society at large, have already been affected by the challenging requirements of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID19. We hope that you stay safe in your homes and #flattenthecurve not only to protect yourselves but to protect those around you, too. Be sure to wash your hands frequently with soap or sanitizer, stay at least 1.5m away from other people, and to get in touch with your local healthcare provider should you feel ill or experience any of the telling symptoms. For more info on how this national lockdown will proceed or how to deal with or prevent the Coronavirus, visit www.sacoronavirus.co.za or www.who.int 

Please note that although our offices are closed, our tightknit team is still on the pulse and will continue to keep you updated with the latest news, essential information, status updates and stories from our sector here and across the world. You can also reach out to us via admin@kznaquatics.co.za or make use of our FAQ sheet : www.swimmersden.com/kzn%20questions%20&%20answers.htm 

Be sure to follow us on social media : @kznaquatics for the very latest from the Aquatics bodies, associations, government departments, and other stakeholders. 

Last, but certainly not least, we want to hear from you. We want to know what your #lockdown challenges are, how the global #stayathome rally has affected your daily lives, training, education schedules, business both local and international.

Send your stories to content@kznaquatics.co.za to be featured in our COVID-19 Weekly Bulletin updates or on our website www.swimmersden.com 
Stay safe, stay home.

Peter Thompson
President KZN Aquatics


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We are expecting the shutdown to to have a major impact on our members, from a social, psychological and financial point of view. It is important that we plan ahead and have contingency plans on how we can keep our Districts, Clubs and Learn to Swim schools financially sustainable during this period. 

Strategies that we will be considering include:

Assisting the Clubs and LTS Schools with Lottery Applications. The current call has a focus on rural districts and clubs and we have many clubs that fit this category, including township clubs, clubs in outlying districts, including Harry Gwala, iLembe, KCD etc. We should ensure that all clubs take this time to prepare their financial records and have them ready for audits. We will be contracting a small auditing company to assist with this task, as our current auditors are too busy with large clients and have not given sufficient time to the smaller club's requests.

We want to hold some On-line Workshops to help members complete the business plans and applications.

There are a number of options available for Clubs/Learn to Swim Schools who are registered as businesses and were paying UIF - it is possible to claim up to R3500 per employee. we will provide more information as soon as we have an indication of how these funds can be accessed. One which we are currently aware of and is currently open for applications is the Easy-Aid for Corona Benefits – see details below at end of newsletter.

We will be looking at other areas including:

- Making applications to KZNDSR for special funding as we have noted that a fund will be available to assist artists, athletes, technical personnel and the core ecosystem that supports them to soften the economic impact of the pandemic on their livelihood.

Please visit www.srsa.gov.za for more framework and criteria details.

- We will also use this lockdown period as an Opportunity to Host On-Line Training Courses which would earn CPD points during this period. To prepare for this, we are encouraging members to install Skype as we will be using this platform to roll out courses.

- A major Crowd Funding
drive is also being considered as we consider that there are those withon our community that are less fortunate than others and the lockdown will have adverse effects on them and thier families. Our Media & Marketing team will be sharing details within the next week.

- Google Adverts for Non-Profits will also be considered as a means of sourcing funding.



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Appeal to Parents and Swimmers to Continue Paying Coaching Fees

We are appealing to all members to continue paying coaching fees during this lock down period.  We understand that swimmers might not be getting direct supervised coaching services during this shutdown, but we need to keep in mind that coaches will be working during this period. They will be busy doing planning on new programmes to get swimmers back to full fitness in the shortest time to minimize the training time lost during the shutdown.

Remember that every week lost in training takes 4 weeks to get back to the same level of fitness you were at before the break. 

They will also be doing analysis of past performance to compare against the previous training programmes and make adaptations to suit the swimmers new programmes. Many of our coaches are self-employed and do not have UIF medical aid and provident funds. They also have families to look after. Please support them during this time as a show of empathy, good will and solidarity. Your child might be the next SA Champion or even an Olympian that they could be working with!



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Stay In Touch!

We are keen to hear what challenges our members are facing so that we can work out how best to get help for you. We are working tirelessly on this and would welcome additional suggestions which can be sent to through your district chairperson or directly to admin@kznaquatics.co.za. Let us know the following: 

  • How the coronavirus is affecting you or your organisation
  • The type of help you think would be most beneficial

Over the next few weeks we will produce a weekly bulletin and include any new resources we can source to support you. Please share any tips around this topic using the hash tag #SaveOurSwimming on social media.

We are looking for
volunteers who will have time to drive these campaigns and would like to form small task teams around each of the above and future strategies.

Please contact us if you have time available – We are sure everyone will have time during the lock down and this could help reduce the boredom and energise us to look at how we can use this threat/risk towards our sustainability rather and as an opportunity to bring innovation to the forefront of what we are doing in our industry.

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Kings Park Pool Lights Are On!!

This is the very moment where you know that everything will be okay. That there is still some magic left in the world and it can be found right here, right now.
How can one be sad when the light at the end of the tunnel is right here at Kings Park!
If this doesn’t get you excited and feeling positive; we’re not sure what will. Visit our Facebook page @kznaquatics and see Kings Park Light up.  Kings Park Pool


Easy Aid For Corona Benefits

Easy-Aid for Corona BenefitsThis Easy-Aid for Corona Benefits scheme is offered by the Department of Labour and is currently open for funding applications. This scheme will benefit instances where companies close for a short period of time as a pre-cautionary measure. This benefit covers a contributor employed in any sector who loses their income due to reduced working time despite still being employed. The documentation required for this application is as follows:

a) UI 2.1 application form
b) Ul 19 and Ul 2.7 (to be completed by employer)
c) UI 2.8 (banking details of employee  to be completed and then stamped by employee bank)
d) Letter  from  the employer confirming company shutdown or employee temporary lay-off is due to corona virus
e) Copy of employee ID

The benefit of this scheme is R 3,500 per employee.

An Easy-Aid Guide for employers  is available from the website www.labour.gov.za


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