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BULLETIN - 03/2020

COVID-19 Health Update from Dr Rajen Naidoo (KZNA Executive Member)

Last week, President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation at the Union Buildings, on the continuing efforts to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. The 21-day nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19 has been extended by a further two weeks until the end of April. President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the extension in a televised address.
“If we end the lockdown too soon or too abruptly, we risk a massive and uncontrollable resurgence of the disease. We risk reversing the gains we have made over the last few weeks, and rendering meaningless the great sacrifices that have been made. “After careful consideration of the available evidence, the National Coronavirus Command Council has decided to extend the nation-wide lockdown by a further two weeks beyond the initial 21 days,” said the President. Read more:

The numbers are low : So, was it just a hype all along, or is the lockdown working?  The global picture clearly refutes the “hype” argument. The lockdown is working, but its real effect will only become clear in the next few days. The mass testing now taking place will indicate to us the real extent of the infection, and whether the effect on the health services can be managed as we progress. As of Saturday 11th April, 2003 cases and 28 deaths were announced - but that implies that there at least 400 people with severe forms of the disease in hospitals throughout the country. Best case scenarios suggest we have about 4,000 - 7,000 ICU beds in the country. If we don’t control the rate of increase of the infection, our death rate spirals out of control. The lockdown is one such intervention to protect our loved ones from succumbing to this disease.

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Dr. Rajen Naidoo is an Associate Professor/Head of Discipline Occupational and Environmental Health College of Health Sciences University of KwaZulu-Natal Durban, South Africa


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Supporting LTS Schools 

We have received numerous queries with regards to the challenges, worries and concerns that the LTS Schools are facing due to the lockdown and would like to reassure you that we are doing everything we can for our LTS teachers and Swim School owners.

We are improving the processes we have in place to better educate, recognize, connect with and support our LTS teachers. As a result of the recent restrictions of social distancing, we have reevaluated the way that CPD points are obtained.

We aim for Workshops to be highly relevant to our LTS teachers.  It is advantageous to make them accessible to as many teachers as possible.  Our objective is to be able to provide Online Workshops in the immediate short term.

We are in the planning process and are looking forward to implementing these Online Workshops over Video Conferencing software such as Zoom and other digital platforms incuding the KZNA website (which is currently being upgraded). This is a very exciting advancement towards providing support and ongoing education and development for our LTS teachers. 

We encourage you to connect, support and uplift your swimmers, fellow swim teachers and community during this difficult time that we are all facing.

For more information and to join one of the District LTS Groups, Please feel free to email : tori@shinemarketingservices.com / 072 117 8580



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KZNA Admin Contacts

While the office at Kings Park Pool is closed until further notice, staff are working from home and are available during office hours from 08:00 to 16:00.Contact details are as per the table below:





Registrations and Entries



078 442 2283




062 421 4336




081 557 6135

Education & Training



073 222 3359

Communications & Marketing



076 958 2490

Office Administration



074 237 0887

Office Management



079 491 8295



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Join us on Social Media

We have set up dedicated Facebook Groups to encourage discipline focused interaction. You are the leaders of these Facebook Groups, so you get to decide what the content is comprised of. It’s a place for you to explain, motivate, inspire and share the content that you love.

One of the amazing and ultra-valuable features of Facebook Groups is that you can run polls etc. Ask absolutely anything and other members will respond. You can use polls to learn about what your community needs or wants from you, find out what are they struggling with (so you can better tailor your offerings to be exactly what they need). Get opinions on logos or colors or anything else you need input on from your target market -- for free!

Please feel free to join the Groups and to share the links below on your own social media platforms with a #kznaquatics tag ;)

Open Water Swimming :www.facebook.com/groups/2986247341601500/?source_id=512181038803318 

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Water Polo :

Artistic Swimming : www.facebook.com/groups/652231035536221/?source_id=512181038803318

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