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Posted  24th November 2020 KZNA Premier Champs 2020 Date Notification
Posted  12th November 2020 Swimming During COVID-19 Operational Recommendations & Considerations For South African Swimming Venues - SA Journal  of Sports Medicine
Posted  10th November 2020 KZNA OW Champs Flyer 2020
Posted  15th October 2020 Artistic Olympic criteria 2021
  Swimming Criteria Olympic Games 2021
  SSA- EX - 25 Selection Criteria - Olympic Games 2021
  Olympic Games 2021 Ladies and Men Water polo criteria
  Olympic Games 2021 Diving Selection Criteria
  Marathon Swimming Criteria Olympic Games Tokyo 2021
Posted  09th September 2020 COVID-19 Relief 2nd Wave Call For Submitting Of Applications Extended Till Friday 11th September 2020 @ 23H59
Posted  27th August 2020 FINA Online Clinic - List of participants
  ET-09-2020 Swimming Clinic for Coaches - FINA
  Ministers Speaking Notes Media Brief 17 August 4h00
  Covid-19 Sport Relief Fund Online Form
Posted  10th July 2020 Blank SSA Capitation Form 2020-2021 - Rev 3 9- July 2020.xls
Posted  08th July 2020 SSA-E&T-08-07-2020-E&T Swim School Registration and Instructors Accreditation
Posted  06th July 2020 Notice to Membership About IOC Appointment 6 July 2020
Posted  29th June 2020 SSA2020 - National Swimming Squads
Posted  25th June 2020 SSA2020 - National Open Water Squad
  SSA - OW - 01 - 20_Open Water Swimming National Squads_24-06-2020
Posted  15th June 2020 Blank SSA Capitation Form 2020-2021 - Rev 2 15- June 2020 (2)
Posted  05th June 2020 Budget Vote Live
  SSA ET -02-06- 2020 Registration Update Guidelines
  SSA ET - 02-06- 2020 Registration Concession's For Diving Artistic Water Polo  Open Water Swimming
Posted  04th June 2020 Registration Form Revised 2020
  Reg Cover Page Schedule 2020 Season
  KZNA Payment References
  KZNA Finance Assistance Document
  KZNA Fees 2020 Season Flyer
  KZNA Club Registration 2020
  Banking Details
Posted  22th May 2020 Notice to Membership Update WAR ROOM 16 May 20
Posted  20th May 2020 How They Train 2
Posted  10th May 2020 SSA Online Worshop  May 2020
Posted  08th May 2020 KZNA Social Media Competition  Campaign Terms and Conditions (HTML)
Posted  05th May 2020 KZNA Media Statement Swim Schools Petition 05 05 2020
Posted  30th April 2020 Motivation To DTI To Classify Coaching As Industry Rev 5
Posted  20th April 2020 Female Training for Leaders of Tomorrow
Posted 01st April 2020 How KZN Aquatics will be Supporting our Districts
Posted 24th March 2020 SSA - EX - 10 - 20_Corona Virus (COVID-19) - SSA Activities Update 2_24-03-2020
  Presidents Speech
  Olympic and Paralympic Games Postponed
Posted 20th March 2020 Guideline Document For Swim Schools & Age Group Swimming In The Context Ot The COVID-19 Epidemic
Posted 17th March 2020 Notice - Closure of Pool Facilities
  SSA - EX - 07 - 20_Entry Fees for SSA Events 2020
Posted 03rd March 2020 Newsletter - Level 3
Posted 02nd March 2020 KZNA Level 2 Change Of Venue Notice
Posted 19th February 2020 KZNA Level 1 Champs Meet Flyer
  Durban Grand Prix Meet Flyer
Posted 14th February 2020 SA Level 3 Regional Age Group Champs
Posted 30th January 2020 Rules SA National Championships 2020 (Final)
  SSA - ASF - 01 - 20 ISF African Swimming Championships 2020_Info Bulletin 07_01_2020
Posted 23rd January 2020 SSA & KZNA Entry Closing Dates
Posted 22nd January 2020 Scholarship Application  Form New 2020
  Advert Scholarship 2020
Posted 20th January 2020 Payment References Notice
  eThekwini Age Group Gala 10 Flyer
Posted 07th January 2020 eThekwini Age Group Gala 9 Flyer
Posted 11th November 2019 Download KZNA Premier Provincial Championship 2019 TM8 Events
Posted 22nd October 2019 eThekwini Age Group Gala 8 Meet Flyer
  KZNA Open Water Championships 2019
Posted 12th October 2019 eThekwini Age Group Gala 7 Meet Flyer
Posted 08th October 2019 2019 2020 SSA OWS Calendar
  2020 SA National Open Water Championships Rules
  Ilembe Age Group Gala 2 Flyer
Posted 24th September 2019 KZNA Provincial Champs 2019 Events List
  KZNA Junior Champs  2019 Flyer
  KZNA Provincial Champs 2019 Flyer
Posted 29th August 2019 eThekwini Age Group Gala 5 Meet Flyer
Posted 14th August 2019 KZN Women In Sport Celebration
Posted 13th August 2019 Events List Umgungundlovu District Gala 3
  Ugu Gala 3 Meet Flyer
Posted 08th August 2019 SSA - WP-08 Team Announcement World Womens Jnr Water Polo Champs Funchal Madeira 2019
  SSA-E&T-07-08-2019 Team Managers Training -WC
Posted 02nd August 2019 Newsletter SASC
Posted 25th July 2019 SSA-23-07-2019-MPP & Schools LTS
  Criteria For Educators Eligible For LTS- 2019-2020
Posted 08th July 2019 Final 2019 KZN Sport Awards Rule Book Draft One V1 (002)
  Nomination Form DSR Sport Awards
Posted 26th June 2019 Umgungundlovu District Gala 2
Posted 25th June 2019 Margate Sprints Events List
Posted 25th June 2019 Margate Sprints Meet Flyer 2019
Posted 12th June 2019 Illembe Age Group Gala 1 Meet Flyer
Posted 11th June 2019 eThekwini Age Group Gala 4 Meet Flyer
  eThekwini Age Group Gala 3 Meet Flyerr
  eThekwini Age Group Gala 2 Meet Flyer.
  eThekwini Age Group Gala 1 Meet Flyer
Posted 10th June 2019 Team Management Workshop
Posted 07th June 2019 Timekeepers Clinics 22nd June 2019
Posted 06th June 2019 2019 - Spain Open Water Squad
Posted 04th June 2019 2019 National Swimming Squad Qualifiers - 2019
  2019 National Open Water Squad
  2019 - Slovenia Open Water Squad
  2019 - France Open Water Squad
Posted 02nd June 2019 Sport-Advert-1_2019-20.pdf
Posted 01st June 2019 SSA - WP - 08 - 19_Team Announcement 18th FINA World Championships Womens Water Polo Team_29-05-2019
Posted 01st June 2019 SSA - WP - 07 - 19_Team Announcement 18th FINA World Championships Mens Water Polo Team_29-05-2019
Posted 31st May 2019 SSA -SW_03 Team Announcement 7th FINA Junior Swimming Team 2019
  SSA- SW - 04_Team Announcement 18th FINA World Championships Swimming Team 2019
  SSA - OWS - 02_Team Announcement 18th FINA World Championships Open Water Swimming Team 2019
  SSA - DV- 01_Team Announcement 18th FINA World Championships Diving Team 2019
  SSA - ASW- 01_Team Announcement 18th FINA World Championships Artistic Team 2019 (updated)
  Illembe Age Group Gala 1 Flyer  21 June 2019
Posted 06th May 2019 Club Registration 2019-2020
Posted 21st March 2019 SSA Media Statement Junior Age Group Swimming Championships
Posted 06th March 2019 Training & Development\Timekeepers Clinics 16th March 2019

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