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KwaZulu-Natal Meets Location Download Team Manager File DQ List Date

eThekwini Age Group Gala 1

Kings Park  Meet Results-eThekwini Age Group Gala 1-26May2018-001.zip NA 26/05/2018

eThekwini Age Group Gala 3

  Meet Results-eThekwini Age Group Gala 3-16Jun2018-001.zip NA 16/06/2018
Umgungundlovu District Gala 1  GC Jolliffe Pool Meet Results-Umgungundlovu District Gala 1-16Jun2018-001.zip NA 16/06/2018
UGU Level 1 Meet 1 South City Meet Results-UGU Level 1 Meet 1-23Jun2018-001.zip NA 23/06/2018

UGU Age Group Gala 1

South City Meet Results-UGU Age Group Gala 1-23Jun2018-001.zip NA 23/06/2018
eThekwini Age Group Gala 4 Kings Park Meet Results-eThekwini Age Group Gala 4-21Jul2018-001.zip NA 21/07/2018
UGU Level 1 Meet 2 Creston Collage Meet Results-UGU Level 1 Meet 2-21Jul2018-001.zip NA 21/07/2018

UGU Age Group Gala 2

Creston Collage Meet Results-UGU Age Group Gala 2-21Jul2018-001.zip NA 21/07/2018
eThekwini Level 1 Program 1 Kings Park  Meet Results-eThekwini  Level 1 Program 1-22Jul2018-001.zip NA 22/07/2018
eThekwini NDSA Gala Kings Park  Meet Results-eThekwini NDSA Gala 2018-27Jul2018-001.zip NA 27-29/07/2018
uMgungundlovu District Gala 3 GC Jolliffe Pool Meet Results-uMgungundlovu District Gala 3 2018-19Aug2018-001.zip NA 19/08/2018
KZN Beavers Winter LC Champs Kings Park  Meet Results-KZN Beavers Winter LC Championships-24Aug2018-001.zip NA 24-26/08/2018

eThekwini Action Swimming Champs

Kings Park  Meet Results-eThekwini Action Swimming Champs 2018-07Sep2018-001.zip NA 07-09/09/2018
UGU Level 1 Meet 4 Creston College Meet Results-UGU Level 1 Meet 4-15Sep2018-001.zip NA 15/09/2018
eThekwini Speedo Junior Championships Kings Park Meet Results-eThekwini Speedo Junior Championships 2018-21Sep2018-001.zip NA  21-23/09/2018



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